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You know what I like in a girl?
My fingers.


when your chemistry teacher gives you a bad grade


amongsttheunknown said:
Right? Haha I've been wanting to move to Texas haha I've been born and raised in California but I'm kinda country at heart an adventure would be sooooo amazing. I'm so over the norm

You should totally do it! If you ever visit Texas you can just hit me up so whenever I know the area I can show you around haha! I’m definitely a country girl. A few years ago I would of said heck no to being called country, but I got to live the country life & I absolutely love it!

boysprophecy said:
That would be so cool if we could meet up one day.!! Do you have a kik?

batmansbabydoll I think! I haven’t been on in a little bit, so if it’s not correct just message me!

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